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Reasons for why I’m not in a big Faction.

Despite having some degree of infamy on Cervantes, I will never, ever, join a large faction. This list might apply to you as well. Before considering entering a larger faction, be sure to consider the liberties you’ll be giving up in order to wear an infamous tag.

1. I Can’t Participate in Colony Wars Regularily – I’m in California. Raids occur at 4 AM. If I’m awake at that time, I’m probably experiencing something life-threatening.

2. Vulgarities are My Specialty – While I’m low on your usual racist fare, Mithril’s faction chat is occationally stuffed full of horrible, mind-wrenching nonsense. If I were to join a large faction, I’d probably recieve the boot after a few choice observations about Andre’s codpiece.

3. I Represent Myself – An external rendition of number 2. Most faction laws prohibit unsavory behavior, which I occationally burst into in order to keep myself entertained. The burden of having to represent an entity is simply too restrictive.

4. Picky as All Hell – For the most part, I consider my faction list to be separated from my friends’ list. Since I can barely understand a good chunk of the playerbase, there’s a point where a player needs to be picky about who he/she hangs around on a regular basis. I’d rather enjoy three people in a roster than be forced to endure one-hundred blank faces.

5. Mithril is Real – Mithril’s main force consists of people I know in real life. There’s absolutely no reason to detatch from them, even if the prospect of higher level gear, ladies of the night, and masses of chocolate phalli are presented as incentive. By losing the local connection to GE, some of the magic dissapears with it. Americans are few and far between on sGE, there’s absolutely no reason for me to abandon my kin.

6. I’m Not Looking to be Top Tier – Most large guilds have a standard that you’ll be forced to adhere to. In my case, my fighter is running the ever-scorned Sidewinder stance, which is usually outclassed by Stab Guard on a number of occations. I have an attachment to that stance, even if I do sacrifice utility in the process.

Enlightening, no? You’re right, no. Still, the perspective of a player who likes things ala Burger King-style is gonna’ be different. Stay tuned.

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