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Something that would be cool.

Elegant skill design is something I love in any game. It’s one thing to have something that is cool, but there’s another thing to have skills that are good but are not broken.

A small eureka moment sparked after my guildmates and I were taking about skills in general. I stumbled, rather promptly, on the idea of turning Siege Breaker into a skill that does more than just wait until, you know, an actual door-knocking. You could give it the ability to break damage shields too to make it a less-dead choice. You don’t necessarily have to buff a single function, but give tools a flavorful and universal revamp.

As of now, I would love to become an expert on skills, but I haven’t really ventured beyond bitching about lockdown even though it is a decent skill with a very good advanced stigma tied to it. I can only recommend that you do not rely specifically on aionarmory to determine your skill build. A lot of their numbers have since outdated themselves, or are largely incorrect when showing later versions of a skill.

Side note, I’m considering using a comicpress space to develop a visual commentary. ┬áIn addition, I’m enjoying the netbook and night routine to keep me sane as well as prevent myself from getting into massive amounts of trouble over screaming into vent at three in the morning. Good things might be ahead.

Level 40 is tomorrow. A good time to relax.

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Too Busy Playing, but one nugget.

I like Aion. I really do. I like it so much that I play it non-stop. So much that I’ve purposefully neglected my blogging duties to continue grinding. Comparatively, I’m leveling slow. Other people in my schedule range are in their 40s, so to be at 34 is a pretty miserable place. If I were 40 right now, I’d probably be blogging more. Hell, if I found a stable way to milk the trader, I’d be blogging more. I’m neither rich nor quick in this game, mostly because I delegated the duty of alchemy to other players and sticking with cooking, which offers no substantial returns until 395.

That being said, here’s a nugget. Gladiators. Do not look forward to Lockdown early game. If you have a choice between this skill and Severe Weakening Blow, take the latter.

Lockdown is a skill that always dread in MMOs. Skill descriptions in this game have the potential to be exceedingly unhelpful, mostly because there’s no real template for skill descriptions nor terminology to describe the defining aspects and/or requirements. Here’s a few things you probably did not know about the skill just by looking at a stigma calculator.

  • Uses the same timer as Body Smash/Weakening Severe Blow.
  • Requires you to stand still to activate the skill.
  • Bound is a condition that only stops physical special attacks; not a stun, snare or root.

Anyway, I think I’m depleting my damn coffers again. Off to grind mobs.

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Posted by on October 7, 2009 in Aion