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Analysis of Dual Wielding for Gladiators.

You thought I quit this blog, didn’t you? Well, I sorta’ did, but only in order to gather some important data that means something, rather than continually spout opinions that have little worth.

Dual wielding is a weird alternative NCsoft gave to gladiators, given that on paper, they have no business dealing with it since the bulk of their damage comes from skill usage rather than auto-attacking. At the moment, I’m running Xenophon’s Sword/Expert Noble Durable Adamanitum Sword. I basically have the sub-50 fantasy DWing equips and arguably the best you’ll feasibly acquire at level 41+.

Things you need for DW

  1. Advanced Dual Wielding I or II. I haven’t sat down to calculate the difference between the two, but you are not required to use II as far as I can tell.
  2. An attack speed sword. Dual wielding falls extremely short if it does not have attack speed to back it up. This is the primary turnoff to using DW, simply because through this alone, it becomes unusually expensive. People have been reporting positive feedback without one.
  3. 300+ crit. You should have this through basic Gladiator usage.

Positive attributes of DW

  1. Quick – Dual Wielding interrupts a lot more than people give it credit for. The fact that you are swinging quickly offers the opportunity to interrupt plenty of mob attacks without necessarily resorting to skill spamming.
  2. Plentiful Criticals – Since you usually will have 3-4 more slots to your name, hitting 440 critical is a very feasible endeavor.
  3. Skills are not one-handed – Discovered through the use of power shards. All skills use both of your weapons in conjunction, which ensures you will not be hitting as miserably the skills indicate. In addition, if you critical with your first hand, your second always crits.
  4. Weave one, get one free – The essence of dual wielding sprouts from the practice of weaving. Dual Wielding is a single attack with two swings, which means that if you cancel after the first attack registers, the second swing will be added for free.
  5. Expect Substantial increases from Godstones – The best company for fast attack speed are triggered events, so it stands to reason that godstones are terrific with Dual Wield.

Negative Attributes of DW

  1. Less Knockdowns – You lose the inherent ability to knockdown and can only do so through skills that cause stumble.
  2. Poor PvP damage – In having two attacks, you essentially filter twice through the PvP damage reduction, making a majority of your attacks extremely weak.
  3. No AoE – Dual Wielders don’t get access to those, sadly.
  4. Weaker Draining Blow – Draining Blow is the essence of the Gladiator’s impressive grind and a source of mitigating downtime. Unfortunately, because you do less damage in skills and more damage in auto-attack, Draining Blow does not net a copious amount of HP. It is also unlikely that DWs will be able to trigger it every 30 seconds.
  5. Expensive – Aion, as we all have come to know it, has a money-sink driven economy, which makes DW relatively unrealistic for many budgets.

Basic Summary.

Dual-wielding is PvE only for the most part. You exchange power in skills for a more steady source of DPS through autoattacking. With investment, it becomes substantially stronger than two-handers in the grinding environment, but is mediocre up until godstones are added. If you’re primarily grinding easy, efficient mobs, DW does have a noticable increase in damage.

Recommend it?

Normal Aion players, no. An attack speed sword at 40 is an unrealistic investment for a reasonable upgrade in PvE grinding speed and the complete obliteration of your PvP career until you return to two-handers. The essential issue with DW is that although it can rip through fortress guards, which would pay the cost if you were left unfettered, you are extremely disadvantaged against other players. However, it is not debilitating to the degree of automatic abandonment, especially when PvE-only areas become your primary focus.

Further Thoughts

I’ve noticed that this article in particular is generating a bit more traffic than usual and I bet that after reading this, you’re probably still pissed because it doesn’t give numbers. Even I am conceding to the truth that this post is largely unfinished after I acquired Draining Blow. It is a skill that gladiators cannot ignore if they wish to expeditiously finish the last five levels of their grind. (I don’t know how high it ranks on the PvP tier list.) I would go as far to say that the pauseless grind is upheld by Draining Blow and Crippling Cut.

Big Questions

I know you’re looking for answers. You’re planning on starting Xenophon’s, or the Asmo equivalent, and you don’t want theory shoved into your face. If you want to hit level 45 in the quickest manner possible by yourself, take Xenophon’s Sword, but be sure to have an attack speed sword at the ready and go straight to the 46 Viragos in Theobomas. If you want to spend substantially less money and be a day or two slower, take Xenophon’s Spear. Don’t go for the sword if all you have is Inferno to back it up, because your damage will not be particularly exciting.

Aion Source doesn’t suck.

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