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The grind was relatively tough, but doable in three months with considerable slacking in-between spurts of gooey leveling.

Would I do it again? Probably not as inefficiently. Level is a golden goose for some content, but there’s plenty to do in the 47-50 gap.

As far as comics are concerned, I’m probably not capable of writing a comic. My aspirations are more along the lines of commentary with images, or maybe just images. Developing a coherent cast of characters, however, is an endeavor I don’t have time for. My hands hurt from sucking at Super Smash Brothers Brawl+, so I don’t really have any great insight at the moment. I did, throughout the pain, draw something fun.


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My hands are cold. I was going to do some sort of botched Petulant Pioneering Xmas special, but I scribbled in MSpaint to describe my undying affection towards the 2000 Platinum coin grind.

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Love, sorta.

Aion is essentially the experience outlined although Eskil is very pessimistic about it. Rightfully so, the guy is single-handedly building a MMO that, at its core, is vastly superior to any other MMO on the market in terms of flexibility. I’ll be forking out the 5 dollars soon.

It’s a decent read from an exceptional individual. I don’t necessarily agree with him on the grounds that his definition of con could be reversed into catering, and that the con is a necessary evil with you have hundreds-of-thousands of players bashing your infrastructure while your development costs continually nag at your heels. Still, perspective is nice, albeit uncomfortable.

Also, the answer to the last question is “Respect, not love, is what is often desired in MMOs.”

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Aion Tower – The New Armory (For crafting.) + Some Sidenotes.

Aion Armory has been a staple for my progress in Aion, but as I scoured through the tailoring section, I found it extremely poor and uninformitave. This isn’t necessarily an issue with Aion Armory itself, but the community that has ceased to support it.

Enter IGN’s database, which does not suck on the tailoring front and will provide you with everything Aion Armory did not. Yeah yeah, I know, it was mentioned in Eye On the Community, but Armory is effectively dead thanks to this new database, short of the occasional comment on the quest you’re stuck on.

Obligatory link included.

The XP weekend Affects: Mob XP, craft leveling, crafting XP.

Does not Affect: Quest XP.

Lol pun.

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Small Artistic Breakthrough.

Ripping off the grip and endscrew on my Intuos3 grip pen has made my work inside of painter suck substantially less. There might be hope for a comic now that I resolved an issue that’s been plaguing me since purchasing my tablet back, hrm, 4+ years ago.

However, finals are chewing at my legs and sleep. I’m doodling to reduce stress, but I won’t touch Aion until my papers are finished.

Younger Saerkhiya Sketch.

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