The fine line: Allods 1-17 vs Aion 40-50.

21 Jan

I never, ever thought I would meet my match in the grind. I certainly wouldn’t have said, “I will get my ass kicked in the first couple levels.” Somebody warned me about the 1-17 push, but I disregarded it. Ugh.

There are elements of sluggishness that game developers would avoid. Aion suffered from sluggishness because you killed mobs but they didn’t afford that much XP, but depending on your class, you’d blaze through hundreds per hour. Allods is the same thing, except you kill at a sluggish rate. Hopefully they’ll fix this, because the problem with introducing a sense of cement shoes so early involves people, like myself, jumping to conclusions without any sort of logical backing from the developer. There are no tricks I should be learning while wielding a maximum of four skills, none of them having a particularly deep interaction with one another.

I’ll probably get through this grind, but it will be nigh impossible for me to get my current list of friends to play this game with me because of this  unusually slow progression. Definitely a design anomaly I never expected to see.

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Posted by on January 21, 2010 in Aion


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