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FFXIII – Also, I can’t write today.

I’ve been taking an unintentional Aion hiatus to play Final Fantasy XIII, perhaps to illustrate that low expectations can produce surprisingly fulfilling results.

Definitely one of those games where perception is more important than anything. Some people hate the game because it’s not like a traditional map-wanderer JRPG and others, like myself, love it because there’s strong, linear direction and motivation.

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When the 1.9 patchnotes got spoiled, I didn’t have time to blog. Very rarely does Aion get a rise in enthusiasm, and like a huge, gnarly wave, I had to ride it and neglect the blog.

Now, we’re back to normal. People are sobering from the wild, maddened frenzy of excitement and returning to their old, sour ways.  Myself included.

Brigadier Indratu is an ass, mostly because it creates two separate groups if you fail it the first time: those who have the free teleport and those who don’t. Most people are under the impression that you can do Indratu Legion and Brigadier in one stroke, and yes, you can, but not if you have people who failed Brig with another party. Bad design? God, it’s horrible. but when my group beats it, it’ll be a great victory. I would prefer it to be easier, but it’s not game breaking. The entire campaign quest system is a big monster of really strange inconveniences.

So, what do you do now in Aion? As stupid as this might sound, grinding more would be a good idea. Money is going to be worth more in the future, and the immediate need for various stigmas and items still trumps the expectations of the future. If you have a lot of money, definitely be on the lookout for deals on good AS-less shells for the combine system.

Anyway, I did a few short… image… comic… crap things. They’re pretty terrible, but eh, better than nothing.


"Plans for Sanctum." - Remember when that map was upside down? XD

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