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I’ve been quiet. Why? NDA’s. Ever since my last post, I’ve been playing NDA protected betas, and even though I had MMO experiences, it was too easy to color them with little breaches here and there.

Bad news? More NDA protected betas. I’m really digging into closed betas for no good reason. Really, there’s no good reason. I have a very keen understanding that most games in beta are not release-worthy, but I’m attracted to them for whatever reason.

Okay, so I know the reason. It’s because I don’t know the end-game. There’s something magical about ignorance in relation to in-game experiences. I know how Aion turns out end-game, and although I want it, the whole change in my gaming schedule has drilled my dreams of being an amazing gladiator into rubble. On a humorous stroke, I forgot my password to my old guild vent, which was a password I CREATED and subsequently DESTROYED.

Anyway, I’m here to talk about how you can instantly kill a boner for a MMO. Just go to their forums and read them. Chances are, the community is going to make the game look like such a steaming pile of ****, your desire to play it will be instantly cured. Guess what game I needed leeching from? Rise of the Godslayer.

I could go on and on about how I like AoC, but that’s because I really enjoy pulp, erotica and vile magic. Probably explains why I enjoyed Dragon Age, given that game ran along the same lines.

So, yes, this was a status update. At the moment, I am not playing Aion until 1.9 since it depresses me otherwise. I am, however, open to some Guild Wars content or some best-friending in some vagrant MMO.


I know, nobody actually reads this blog.

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