MLG Columbus – American E-sports is real.

05 Jun

I spent the entire weekend watching Starcraft 2. Not playing it, no. Watching it. Hours and hours of non-stop, glued-to-the-channel watching. I wasn’t the only one.

Look at how big this thread is. This is the third and final day of the tournament. You do not get this kind of event-centered community in every game. It is a unique and awesome reward for committing to a game that is a flat sixty dollars.

In a way, I feel like I’ve emotionally and logically resigned from MMOs. The community within is a fragmented mess that requires constant participation within the game to evoke enjoyment. Most discussions will be about how broken the game-state is without any semblance of universal enjoyment of the title. Starcraft II provides something tangibly different and positive. You can still feel like you’re actively participating without having to be at a certain level of play. The only real requisite to enjoying Starcraft II is the basic knowledge that what the players are doing on stage is worth watching.

However, MLG Columbus was beyond being positive. It was a great production that lasted three solid days. Compared to other spectator-sport programming, this was immense. It was like going to a convention, except I didn’t have to buy expensive water or deal with parking.

I can’t really type or talk. I’m just gushing. I love Starcraft II. It’s not perfect, but it’s damn near close for me. Personally, if you can stand a lot of losing and some mean competition, I would spend the time getting acquainted with the beauty of the game. It pays out rich returns for a relatively small investment in understanding the context of higher level play.

Anyway, yeah, had to get that off the chest. I want to start drawing comics again for SCII specifically. There’s so many jokes to be made and smiles to be brought.

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