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Aika Online – Granado Aion Espada Online Wut.

I hate Massively sometimes (Allods did not impress my friends nor myself), but sometimes I love them. They introduced me to Aika Online, which is Aion + Granado Espada meshed together to create a dated loli-fest on first blush. Granted, I haven’t played it yet, but I’ve spent the last hour or so looking up images and laughing hysterically.

It really looks like Granado Espada. The same hair textures, gun models and some very familiar animations leave me to conclude that Aika is not only using GE’s engine, but they salvaged it and created something monstrously hilarious from the wreckage. There must be a reason this Japanese blogger is playing both at the moment. On a serious note, browse that blog to get an easy side-by-side view of both games and confirm your diagnosis of double-vision. It’s humorous at least.

Petulant Pioneering is back to exploring the new world, literally. Unlike Allods, which I went into with some brighter outlooks, I am going into Aika expecting the worst game ever with nothing but nostalgia to hold it up. Of course, I’m not sure whether or not the game currently has a Non-disclosure Agreement, which would prohibit ranting, or in PP’s case, borderline libel. I’ll have to go look for it at some point, mostly because ignorance is no excuse for disobeying the law.

Regardless, the experience will be fun and possibly exciting. Who knows, maybe Aika won’t be as crappy as it looks, but I won’t hold my breath.

P.S. Go get Mass Effect 2 if you played the first installation. It is definitely worth your money. 24 hours on normal without rushing, but I do recommend veteran to outline the characteristics of your opposition in a genuine manner. They’ll feel more like a menace rather than what normal-fodder, overall conveying the intention of the designers with greater clarity. For instance, normal doesn’t really let you grasp Vorcha regeneration because they die too quickly to everything in your arsenal. Krogan aren’t really terrifying monsters in combat. The list of negative attributes to normal difficulty goes on. Make your first run through epic and fitting for your return to the universe, instead of (unintentionally) watering it down by making it easy.

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Patent law is rarely exciting, but there are a few occasions where business steps into entertainment-business, waving their acquired patents in hopes of acquiring a settlement.

Enter Paltek Holdings, a company that used two acquired patents to get Microsoft to settle over Halo. Now, they’re using those very patents to attack practically every MMO on the market. I kid you not. Blizzard, Sony, Jagex, Turbine and NCsoft are all being filed at.

I would leave the investigation up to you about the details of the patent, but essentially Paltek is using two extremely general patents to extract money out of a genre that has enough competition as is. Hey, they got Microsoft to settle. These other companies will buckle, right? (I might dredge up the patents and analyze them later, but I’m a bit sleepy right now)

Hopefully not. On one end, yes, these companies are businesses and  should go for the cheapest way out, which would probably be a settlement. However, as an entertainment function, there needs to be a clear distinction that games should be unfettered by patents and focus more on intellectual property, much like how the entertainment industry functions. I hope that these cases will be used throughout the history of law to ensure that the sanctity of our pass-time doesn’t have to jump through any more hoops. The ability to transmit and replicate an environment is a common action, after all, yet it has a patent. Should we have to go back to the patent holder to get permission to use one of the basic methodologies in game design? Of course not.

However, the law is slow and thoughtful. We’re going to hear about this case again in a couple of years perhaps, and by then, we might’ve forgotten. It’ll give me time to cool off and ponder, but hopefully Paltek Holdings loses harshly and disintegrates underneath the pressure of their opposition.

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Aion – User Error.



I’m crazy for Aion. I really am. So crazy that I was willing to endure a little “bug” I stumbled upon one day. Imagine, every time you log into Aion, your settings revert to the defaults. Now, I know, clicking three buttons and sliding a couple times is pesos compared to the pound that Aion offers. However, as this device might attest to, small details crush the human spirit and drive him COMPLETELY insane. Indeed, I was going crazy as all hell, my existence completely devoted to fixing this issue. I google’d my fingers into chapped nubs then proceeded to obliterate my Windows installations in the name of finding the solution.

Needless to say, it didn’t work. After two thick reapplications of Windows 7, four reinstallations of Aion, a GPU flash and countless driver cleans, I still didn’t have an answer. Even more infuriating was the fact that Aion worked just dandy on my clearly inferior installation of XP 64. I could not give up the chase on the basis of futility. The answer was near.

Then I stumbled on Tweakguides again, which I long considered to be the great boyscout manual of the gamer. Now it is my Bible, my Koran, my Queen’s Blade Echidna book. It recommended me to install my mobo drivers. Naturally, I thought this was posh because the drivers for the DS3 r 2.0 are practically ancient, but I was desperate enough to reference aionsource about it, so giving it a try wouldn’t hurt my ego any more than it already did.

Sure enough, it worked. My happiness is beyond words right now. Okay, maybe it isn’t. I’m just godawful at writing at the moment.

The fix is out there. GET YOUR MOTHERBOARD DRIVERS. THEY EXIST FOR A REASON. Don’t rely on your OS to pick them up for you, either. Default drivers typically blow.

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Oh wait, GE. Sorry.

For lack of a better way to say this, I’ve left GE. Not because it’s crap at first blush, but that I feel completely robbed by this new-fangled “Easy Frogfish” garbage. That and I really, really liked Windows 7. So much that I was willing to trash my primary MMO (Think of it, I said ‘fuckit’ to a good two years of my progress over an OS.)

So, where am I now? I picked up Guild Wars again. Well, sorta’, the thunder got robbed by Street Fighter IV for PC. After my mashing got too noisy, I randomly stumbled upon DDO, which is going free-to-pray in a week or so. (See what I did there? Yeah. Genius.)

Needless to say, I’ll get to reporting on the game that I wanted to play, but clearly didn’t consider them worth fifteen dollars a month for a near-GW experience. When you instance your primary content, people are always going to reference Guild Wars. They started it first in the generation and are probably equipped with the best damn business model, period.

That being said, adios Granado. I’ll probably AFK you when I can switch affinities.

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Chilling Out.

I recently enlightened myself by ramming my skull into Novia`s crotch for about 12 hours straight. Now that I`m covered in the sweet stench of Novia-cream and Montoro-droppings, I see myself limping around Topolo without a care in the world. I`m content, happy and excited to play relatively-normal GE. GE unhindered by the next boss, but simply blocked by a lack of gear and levels. Ahh.

Sorry for the lack of blogging enthusiasm lately. Playing GE got fun and blog-posting became half a chore. New material is somewhat difficult to come up with now that I’m a little less assinine.

… Scratch that, here’s a picture. Read the rest of this entry »

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Started Novia.

I was originally planning to jump and cheer about finishing the Bahamas, but I steam-rolled right into Novia and now every sensation of glee has turned to bitter angst. It’s 12:43. Novia is just as hard as my faction-mate has been saying.

I know how to beat her, that’s easy enough. Get good gear, drink lots of expensive roids, kill her. Whenever I see videos of her getting solo’d or triple-musked, I’m not impressed nor am I educated in the process of kicking her ass. If you’re sitting there, firing away and not microing your fingers into bloody stubs, then you’re clearly well-prepared for the task. Hell, I know the alternate method: Drink invis pots and make Novia dead without ever seeing my infamous family name. Problem? DPS is miserably low. I can’t kill her in the window of time that is alloted via invis-juice. It is one of the more frustrating portions of GE.

This situation is where most people quit. Upon realizing that their gear is crap, the average player is quick to discover that their ability to make money is completely hosed by an inability to progress in gear, quests or whatever because of the market situation. Even as an avid and active puppeteer of the market, there’s very little in hopes for buying anything without feeling exceptional seller’s remorse. Right now, I’m stuck. I have no assets that sell particularily well, and I am very reluctant to rely specifically on the cash-shop for vis.

The fix? Renting. Really, this is the only feasible way a small faction with a weak armory can handle quests like these. Hopefully I’ll be able to persuade a couple folks to let me borrow their gear for an hour or so in order to wax Novia. I’m not quite sure how it’ll benefit the contributor, but I’m not above oral. . . Over the tubes. Har har.

Anyway, this post was created specifically to exhaust myself before retiring to bed. I feel the roiling bubble of acid squirm in my stomach. It’s telling me to shut-the-hell-up.

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The Future of Valentine’s Day.

Today’s not a particularly creative day for me, so whoever reads this post might be sorely disappointed. I’m allowed to have off days.

Across an exceptionally large body of pacifist H20, Valentine’s day is going on. This is the day where all the GE players truly show how desperate they are for nookie, love/respect or just a box of crappy chocolate in their name. Technically, this is about 16-17 hours into the future, and my god, does it look terrible. Another day where Yggdharasil tries to be funny, but ends up spurting out something incomprehensible and unimaginative (I’ll tackle the rest of her article when I get back on the metaphor-tram.) The rest of the vocal community is content with spitting out idiotic platitudes about love, effectively plagiarizing and undermining the value of their creators. If I wanted to know about love, I would’ve google’d it by now. Oh yeah, sex, but that’s natural. We’re all basement-dwellers here, please refrain on jumping on your soap-box and screaming about your date, which is probably the family cat.

As odd as this might seem, this sense of disgust does not stem from loneliness or a lack of vagina. It’s much more shallow than that. A lot of people on my server present themselves like genuine retards, plain and simple. Whenever there’s an event or a holiday, it’s the cognitive equivalent of the Holocaust. Really, this would not be happening if Sword of the New World wasn’t so poorly managed, but it is, so I have to stick with… You guys.

Secretly, I love you all. Granted, my love includes plenty of verbal abuse, but it’s there. You all keep me entertained, excitied and eager to maintain my account in sGE. Even Ygg, who hasn’t given me her pics yet, mind you. Still, I can’t help but feel like I’m taking a lot of crap from you guys. You and your messed up GE economy and inability to offer a goddamn price. The fact that anybody would let me trade a DHR for an ATP clearly shows that sGE is comprised of nothing but stuck-up assholes.

But you know what they say… Read the rest of this entry »

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