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So yeah, banner + some Lost Planet 2.

Every time I start drawing, I remind myself that I’m pretty easily frustrated by the process. It’s akin to being new at Starcraft 2, watching GSL and then wondering why you can’t do what they’re doing and not lose. Yeah, that’s me. Actually, no, it’s more like my tablet and me. I’m inexplicably awful with this intuos3. I see people make sweet-ass curvy lines and I just make jagged nightmares. Don’t worry, it’s not the driver issue that made stuff even worse. It’s well beyond me at the moment and I’m pretty awful at that MMO known as Google.

Whatever, there’s the justification for my banner. Enjoy it not going away on one scroll. Yeah, it’s that way on purpose. Helps convey the irritation I feel towards being paperless. On to LP2.

LP2 for PC has an awful IGN review. It’s a copy-pasta job. No joke. It’s not a 60% game unless you are absolutely committed to soling the game on hard, where it becomes largely unbeatable due to the inexplicably stupid partner AI. Back in the day, sure, this issue would cripple the game, but we’re in the age where you probably have a decent internet connection and a couple friends. The game climbs from a 60 to 80 with a friend, then 90 to 95 with two or three respectively. Big friggen’ bosses, requisite teamwork, a really-really solid engine and plenty of silly stuff to engage in. So the default controls suck. Remap them, damnit. Crank up mouse sensitivity in-game to get rid of the deadzones. Rebind crouch and run to non-alphabetical keys. Suddenly, no real control issues.

The only real reason to not stay away from the purchase is due to this weird GFWL and Steam bug where Steam bought copies cannot interact with retail copies for some stupid reason. It cuts down the pool of potential players rather drastically and I find the divide to be irritating as hell. If this doesn’t get fixed, then yeah, game’s gonna’ have some pretty awful arena in the long run.

But Sin, this isn’t a MMO. Yeah, no, it isn’t, but it’s a pretty good semi-persistent online game. There’s progress for upgrades and a sense of development that follows you throughout your long trek through fifty feet of snow and space Mexico. My friends and I have been absolutely raping our sleep schedules to get playtime in. All of it has been well worth the loss of sleep.



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Posted by on October 29, 2010 in Lost Planet 2