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I’ve been freaking the freaking freak out ever since this was announced.

You see, I bought the games for 20 dollars during a PAX event. I played the demo and got swept up in the feeling that I didn’t want to play a game that had continual expansions in its future plus a monthly fee. Now, oh god, now I can actually play my free 30 days without guilt, knowing that my characters will not cost money to maintain in the distant future.

However, this brings a new battle to the lands of Middle Earth, one between the old-timers and the f2p influx. Naturally, there’s a stigma involving f2pers, either labeled as shallow or simply too insipid to play by the unspoken rules of the game. There’s whispers about how the old community can’t handle the new community. I disagree.

The old community may complain and they have reason to. Things of a RPish nature will be significantly more difficult to handle and manage because there will be more unscrupulous people on the prowl. However, to say that the old community is going to suddenly crumble when it faces adversity is ridiculous. If anything, players of the common ilk will be exposed to the draconian and terrible nature of a wrathful old-school community, armed to the teeth with lore and a petulance that makes this blogger shudder. If you’re looking to troll the game, beware. You might find yourself completely alienated by how unbelievably weird the community is.

In the end, I am excited. In fact, I’m putting my key in RIGHT NOW so I may indulge in my low-magic fantasy kink.

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Posted by on June 4, 2010 in LOTRO