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MLG Columbus – American E-sports is real.

I spent the entire weekend watching Starcraft 2. Not playing it, no. Watching it. Hours and hours of non-stop, glued-to-the-channel watching. I wasn’t the only one.

Look at how big this thread is. This is the third and final day of the tournament. You do not get this kind of event-centered community in every game. It is a unique and awesome reward for committing to a game that is a flat sixty dollars.

In a way, I feel like I’ve emotionally and logically resigned from MMOs. The community within is a fragmented mess that requires constant participation within the game to evoke enjoyment. Most discussions will be about how broken the game-state is without any semblance of universal enjoyment of the title. Starcraft II provides something tangibly different and positive. You can still feel like you’re actively participating without having to be at a certain level of play. The only real requisite to enjoying Starcraft II is the basic knowledge that what the players are doing on stage is worth watching.

However, MLG Columbus was beyond being positive. It was a great production that lasted three solid days. Compared to other spectator-sport programming, this was immense. It was like going to a convention, except I didn’t have to buy expensive water or deal with parking.

I can’t really type or talk. I’m just gushing. I love Starcraft II. It’s not perfect, but it’s damn near close for me. Personally, if you can stand a lot of losing and some mean competition, I would spend the time getting acquainted with the beauty of the game. It pays out rich returns for a relatively small investment in understanding the context of higher level play.

Anyway, yeah, had to get that off the chest. I want to start drawing comics again for SCII specifically. There’s so many jokes to be made and smiles to be brought.

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Keyboard Porn.

Something interesting just happened recently. Someone was savvy enough to spot which keyboard that the best Starcraft 2 player in the world, Fruit Dealer, was using during the GSL. (You can argue otherwise, but you’re friggen’ crazy.)

I was going to pass over it until I realized that it was a mechanical keyboard, which I previously considered a relic of days gone by. Turns out that mechanical keyboards are still very much alive. To the detriment of my sleep schedule, I find myself rabidly indulging in mechanical keyboard information. Putting it all together, the following links were great for entry explanation. – What are Mechanical Keyboards.

Ugh, so tired, yet so tempted!

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TheLittleOne makes me shudder sweetly

I really like Starcraft 2. It effectively fills in the empty hole that comes from being a MMO player with an ego. MMOs as they stand right now reward time investment exclusively, whereas Starcraft 2 rewards time investment and genius. When you see someone play in a MMO, you generally define them by their strategic choices: gear, tree, etc., but not their tactical ones simply because you’re generally just crunching numbers.

Now, I won’t be the first to say that I am awful at Starcraft in general. I have a couple friends that can attest to my inability to anything right. I threw games to sneak into bronze league and semi-stumbled my way through the rivers of cheese to end up in gold while remaining 50+% win ratio. Of course, most of diamond is bad compared to the high tier most Starcraft players love to idolize, generally defined as the top 10% of ladder.

The general difference between me and the next guy is that I get the concepts of the game to the point where I can actively improve on them just by playing more scrimmages with a Terran player who has better habits. For the most part, Starcraft 2 doesn’t make sense until the basics of the game really, really work out. When I mean basics, I mean understanding that investing those 50 minerals in building workers every chance you get will benefit you beyond any strategy at lower levels.

When I was community college, I did a lot of crapping all over Brood War for the very reasons I like SC2 so much today: easy to pick up, practically infinite skill ceiling and very, very stupid units that credit a player’s ability to micromanage. All of this ultimately makes a really good E-sport in theory. Unfortunately, balance is a bit shaky given that Zerg is not showing up in a lot of tournaments. Nevertheless, the competition is fierce and there are a few new celebrity players within the western circuit.

Example? I’m staying up to 2AM to watch one guy play: TheLittleOne.

This guy shows up in beta and just does crazy stuff. In a game like Starcraft, small deviations in play are huge, so when a guy like TLO comes around, you can’t help but back the guy for having guts in a game where very few people have the skill to innovate on the fly. His playstyle has a personality and its clearly visible in Starcraft 2.  If I played more, I could probably pick out his style without a nametag, but at the moment, I simply associate fun, wild and experimental gameplay with TLO.

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Starcraft 2, but of course.


I’m sitting here, thinking about Starcraft 2. I just took a refresher course in the game, plowing through the campaigns easily then settling for some youtube synopsis, Blizard’s own recap and a bit of listening to Blizzard’s Echoes of War.

Normally, I only care about MMOs, but I can make an exception to Starcraft. Normally, I hate dislike Blizzard, but, again, I can make an exception to Starcraft. Why? Well, I don’t like Warcraft in general and all that’s been spewing out of Blizzard as of late has been Warcraft exclusively, so it’s easy to perceive my current vibes towards the developer. Subsequently, I really enjoy Diablo and Starcraft. Honestly, I think it’s my drone training, but whatever.

I think it is going to transform into a magnificent title for fans of the series. Having already experienced the beta, I felt the game was largely the same classic charm with greater accessibility opportunities. Basically, the game-play is the same but the control groups are substantially more useful in commanding your forces by not having a cap. The units are familiar but surprising. The pace is probably faster than Starcraft, especially with the intermediate economy boosters inherent in each race.

However, for people who dislike Starcraft in general, namely through how it feels or how the ‘cool’ stuff doesn’t really start till you acquire an acute feel for the game and its interface, disappointment will likely continue echo throughout the realm. In terms of innovation, the game is no closer to that true thoughtful RTS pipe-dream that we’ve all been having. For that reason alone, I do not think it will get a perfect score around the block. As far as my pessimism can carry me, the average score will probably aggregate around 85%.

Still, I am looking forward to the single-player experience in general. After refreshing myself with the tale that is Starcraft, I began to realize that this sci-fi space epic feels distinctly like Mass Effect, the Xel’Naga something akin to the enigmatic Reapers. Moreover, the single-player seems littered with opportunities for relevant, potent character development. Moreover, I can sense that Blizzard knows that they cannot carry out a storymode exclusively on objectives and missions with the vanilla gameplay. There’ll probably be some progression and tuning along the way to give the single-player experience a unique feel to that of online.

Anyway, I’ll be getting the game a few days late due to snail mail and some academic obligations that happen to arrive next week. It’s a painful realization, but a healthy one, I suppose.

By the by, I’m actually playing Guild Wars again. Add Taste of Futanari (Tee-hee) and chat me up when I’m on.

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