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Love, sorta.

Aion is essentially the experience outlined although Eskil is very pessimistic about it. Rightfully so, the guy is single-handedly building a MMO that, at its core, is vastly superior to any other MMO on the market in terms of flexibility. I’ll be forking out the 5 dollars soon.

It’s a decent read from an exceptional individual. I don’t necessarily agree with him on the grounds that his definition of con could be reversed into catering, and that the con is a necessary evil with you have hundreds-of-thousands of players bashing your infrastructure while your development costs continually nag at your heels. Still, perspective is nice, albeit uncomfortable.

Also, the answer to the last question is “Respect, not love, is what is often desired in MMOs.”

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Posted by on December 20, 2009 in Aion


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