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Aika Online – Granado Aion Espada Online Wut.

I hate Massively sometimes (Allods did not impress my friends nor myself), but sometimes I love them. They introduced me to Aika Online, which is Aion + Granado Espada meshed together to create a dated loli-fest on first blush. Granted, I haven’t played it yet, but I’ve spent the last hour or so looking up images and laughing hysterically.

It really looks like Granado Espada. The same hair textures, gun models and some very familiar animations leave me to conclude that Aika is not only using GE’s engine, but they salvaged it and created something monstrously hilarious from the wreckage. There must be a reason this Japanese blogger is playing both at the moment. On a serious note, browse that blog to get an easy side-by-side view of both games and confirm your diagnosis of double-vision. It’s humorous at least.

Petulant Pioneering is back to exploring the new world, literally. Unlike Allods, which I went into with some brighter outlooks, I am going into Aika expecting the worst game ever with nothing but nostalgia to hold it up. Of course, I’m not sure whether or not the game currently has a Non-disclosure Agreement, which would prohibit ranting, or in PP’s case, borderline libel. I’ll have to go look for it at some point, mostly because ignorance is no excuse for disobeying the law.

Regardless, the experience will be fun and possibly exciting. Who knows, maybe Aika won’t be as crappy as it looks, but I won’t hold my breath.

P.S. Go get Mass Effect 2 if you played the first installation. It is definitely worth your money. 24 hours on normal without rushing, but I do recommend veteran to outline the characteristics of your opposition in a genuine manner. They’ll feel more like a menace rather than what normal-fodder, overall conveying the intention of the designers with greater clarity. For instance, normal doesn’t really let you grasp Vorcha regeneration because they die too quickly to everything in your arsenal. Krogan aren’t really terrifying monsters in combat. The list of negative attributes to normal difficulty goes on. Make your first run through epic and fitting for your return to the universe, instead of (unintentionally) watering it down by making it easy.

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In-Game Tech Support.


So it apparently exists. Adelina’s Booty was broken, and now, it is magically fixed. I just witnessed it. It was quite cool, actually. Oddly enough, one discovery lead to the next and I managed to get in contact with Valificent to witness… Read the rest of this entry »

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Alright, screw that. I’m moving.

I have some webspace. That webspace’s databases are in MySQL3.23.58. It’s too old to run the current version of wordpress. I’m too annoyed to fix it. Kill it with fire.

With that being said, I’ll be working on my free space here. Okay, start working is a more appropriate term.

While I liked Blogger, WordPress is something I’ve grown to adore in the last few years. My GE excursions will shift over here.

Mithril is alive and kicking with myself (The infamously-titled Futanari family), Bandette, Geomaster, Ravenga and Sirrush. Keep in mind that I did quit sGE for about 6 months, making the transition back into the game somewhat difficult due to my extremely crappy gear. Everything I knew is relatively worthless, and all the gear that I scavenged over the years has converted itself into chips faster than you can say,”The server’s called Bach now?”

It’s been frustrating to say the least. While I don’t expect the economy to improve in the near future, I didn’t have anything past 10,000,000 Vis with very little in assets. I quickly rushed and purchased some pioneering armor and started grinding my metaphoric pelvis into the snow, searching for cabbages.

Now, for the usual GE player that statement doesn’t sound as stupid as it should. The fact is that Granado Espada has zero aggriculture yet manages to sustain its population with rest and brightlycolored alchohol makes GE score nice and high on the nonsensical meter. Cabbages sell for an ungodly high price and only grow on fire-breathing, tongue-raping mega-weeds that only exist in the frozen wastes of the north. Oh yeah, the only reason you’re enduring this is to get the trust of a bum shrouded in mystery and bad arctic odor.

Of course, why am I subjecting myself to this? Well, it just happens that those events link to more crazy-as-hell conspiracies and the GE rendition of the Aztec, where she exists.

Forget it guys, shes packing meat.

Forget it guys, she's packing meat.

Yeah, I rushed back into Granado Espada because of Ania. Granted, she’s not coming in until a later patch, but the idea of ripping into a new region that this map will explain.

This is what really happened.

This is what really happened.

Just goes to show how completely inept the explorers are in Granado Espada. If we ever colonize another planet, be sure not to send families with money instead of a sense of direction. Either that or vengeful step-dads with androgynous kids that know too much.

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