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Sunday Stasis, and maybe Guild Wars.

I don’t blog-post enough these days. Most of it stems from having very little to say overall. I’ve been maintaining a sense of stoic quiet ever since I got it into my head that blogging too much leads to diluted ideas and that those ideas are worse than having good posts surrounded by frequent filler.

Two problems with this: One, my ideas aren’t really that good to begin with. Two, it is better to have a blog filled with dirt and gold than a blog filled with nothing.

If anything, I got myself to the point where I began to imagine that I was writing blog posts. It’s a surreal experience when you honestly believe that something has been transcribed, only to find that it has not been transcribed at all. It’s terribly disconcerting. I’m going to remedy that with simple lines of text, right here and right now. Chronological order. No items, final destination.

Starcraft 2 has murdered my desire to play/write about PvP-MMOs.

Cold-blooded murder. I realized this when I discovered Starcraft 2 fills as much time as a standard MMO. For the first time in a long while, I saw, first-hand, that PvP as I understood it had terrific amounts of drama and exposure, but lacked the necessary component of balance and difficulty that establishes some level of mutual respect.

I suck at Starcraft 2 given the amount of time I’ve spent playing it, yet still love it.

I went to a tournament. Lost to my own nerves. Still, despite humiliation, I love the game.

All video-games with any level of persistence and progress lend themselves to people without lives. Stop expecting MMOs to punish the player with less of a life. It will make your game suck.

Starcraft 2 is skill-based, which means practice time is important. Even in games where losses and wins are largely self-determined, the person with more time to practice is more likely to win.

Champions Online was great for me, but only because I never played it before it went F2P, never subbed, and Glacier was a sufficiently hilarious class during B.A.S.H.

Read: I didn’t share the common opinion of the game because I was ignorant to something.

Played RIFT OB. Enjoyed. Bought at launch.

No hype to go on. Afterwards, was super hyped. Not surprising. Early-game RIFT was a legendary experience.

I played RIFT for the sole purpose of discovering whether or not a dynamic content system is what was wrong with MMOs.

Guild Wars 2 kinda’ predicates itself on a system similar to RIFTs.

I played a Warrior in RIFT. Casually, I hit max level in 2 weeks.

It was fun, but the game was short and the honeymoon was over.

I stopped playing RIFT like a mad-man after I had a fallout with a friend. Discovered that any MMO, no matter how good or bad, may go sour if your sense of community goes ka-put.

Emotions win most of the time. Considered going into a monologue about the importance of moderation, but kept that silliness to myself.

I quit RIFT because I forgot how expensive, both in monetary terms and guilt-points, it is to maintain a subscription.

It is as if paying money makes you addicted. No, seriously.

RIFT wasn’t right for me. Conflicted. I like talking about it, but don’t play it. Owch.

The point where I stopped talking about video games to myself because I disagreed with my conscience.

Full hero parties have resurrected my interest in Guild Wars.

Knew it was coming at some point, but I was surprised that you didn’t need to buy mercenary slots. Overall, henchmen were a great idea when the game wanted to pair people together, but six years down the line, the built-in inconvenience lost its function. So glad it’s gone.

I am definitely still awful at Guild Wars, but I like to talk about it relentlessly.

I am not at 50/50 on my Hall of Monuments. It is embarrassing, but for some reason, I feel like there’s a lot of cute things that I can blog about.

Terraria is one of those games that demonstrates why the collective MMO-playing-whole hates MMOs right now.

You can build a house in Terraria. Can’t do that in most MMOs. You definitely can’t customize a home to the level that Terraria allows. Overall, we probably want Terraria housing and customization, but we’ll never get it. Segway into, “Cheaters/Trolls/Etc. are the reason we can’t have what we really want in MMOs.”

Okay, that was painful, but it needed to be said. Now I feel like I can write again. Maybe doodle.

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Starcraft 2, but of course.


I’m sitting here, thinking about Starcraft 2. I just took a refresher course in the game, plowing through the campaigns easily then settling for some youtube synopsis, Blizard’s own recap and a bit of listening to Blizzard’s Echoes of War.

Normally, I only care about MMOs, but I can make an exception to Starcraft. Normally, I hate dislike Blizzard, but, again, I can make an exception to Starcraft. Why? Well, I don’t like Warcraft in general and all that’s been spewing out of Blizzard as of late has been Warcraft exclusively, so it’s easy to perceive my current vibes towards the developer. Subsequently, I really enjoy Diablo and Starcraft. Honestly, I think it’s my drone training, but whatever.

I think it is going to transform into a magnificent title for fans of the series. Having already experienced the beta, I felt the game was largely the same classic charm with greater accessibility opportunities. Basically, the game-play is the same but the control groups are substantially more useful in commanding your forces by not having a cap. The units are familiar but surprising. The pace is probably faster than Starcraft, especially with the intermediate economy boosters inherent in each race.

However, for people who dislike Starcraft in general, namely through how it feels or how the ‘cool’ stuff doesn’t really start till you acquire an acute feel for the game and its interface, disappointment will likely continue echo throughout the realm. In terms of innovation, the game is no closer to that true thoughtful RTS pipe-dream that we’ve all been having. For that reason alone, I do not think it will get a perfect score around the block. As far as my pessimism can carry me, the average score will probably aggregate around 85%.

Still, I am looking forward to the single-player experience in general. After refreshing myself with the tale that is Starcraft, I began to realize that this sci-fi space epic feels distinctly like Mass Effect, the Xel’Naga something akin to the enigmatic Reapers. Moreover, the single-player seems littered with opportunities for relevant, potent character development. Moreover, I can sense that Blizzard knows that they cannot carry out a storymode exclusively on objectives and missions with the vanilla gameplay. There’ll probably be some progression and tuning along the way to give the single-player experience a unique feel to that of online.

Anyway, I’ll be getting the game a few days late due to snail mail and some academic obligations that happen to arrive next week. It’s a painful realization, but a healthy one, I suppose.

By the by, I’m actually playing Guild Wars again. Add Taste of Futanari (Tee-hee) and chat me up when I’m on.

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