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Aiee, I’m burning out.

I’m burning out a bit on MMOs in general. Aion 1.9 is taking too long to get here and the process for preparing for it has been a task filled with subtle dissapointments. I want to run forts, but my gear isn’t good enough for hard-mode. I want to run DP, but it takes too damn long to get a group together. At the same time, I know every other MMO, realistically, has the same tactile feel. If I go to WoW, I’m still going to be looking for gear. If I go to Guild Wars, I’ll probably be running with heroes exclusively. If I venture to X game, I will still be using the same button layout.

I blame Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV hype for this burnout. I was reminded of how fun fighters were in the last week and subsequently damaged my hunger for MMOs.

That being said, I stumbled upon the new Going Rogue expansion for City of Heroes/Villains. Upon gazing at it, I recalled that I actually own one CoV account and one CoH/CoV hybrid. To be fair, my infatuation for that game was strong, but I remember trying to play it on Linux a while back and failing in the process because a new issue had just come out. How desperate I was to see if Linux to render the game faster than it would on Windows. A year later or so, I’m considering playing the game again just to prep up for the expansion, which finally does factions the right way by making them changeable structures rather than grave character choices. The more I think about it, the more exciting it seems. At long last, the player-pool converges, and I want to be in the middle of that.

Okay, maybe I’m not so burnt out. Really, Aion is kicking my ass again. Not necessarily blaming the game, because it’s designed to be arduous and specifically challenging to those of harder stuff, but it’s difficult to write about something that doesn’t have a tremendous amount of accessibility. On a side note, like the new forums, but they were a long time coming.

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